Medical & Healthcare Professionals

For more than a decade, The KeyArx Group has focused squarely on helping physicians, group practices, practice management organizations, hospitals and other members of the medical community meet their insurance, retirement, investment and business management needs.

We are not generalists. Like you, we are specialists by training and experience. Thus we are acutely aware of the unique challenges you face and our comprehensive programs reflect this deep understanding.

Our core programs are designed to achieve both short and long-term personal and business goals. They include:

  • Key Advocate-Physician Long Term Disability Program
  • Key Analytics Medical Practice Opportunity Analysis
  • DI and Portfolio Reviews

We believe you will find that not only are these programs among the most innovative and comprehensive available, they are also the most cost-effective. For example, over the past 10 years more than 93% of all physicians participating in our Key Advocate Long Term Disability Program reduced their premium expense by 10-25 % on average, while at the same time improving their coverage the majority of times we engage in a review. This long term disability program has provided market leading insurance products and services to more than 125,000 physicians and 10,000 practices.


Increasingly, hospital and healthcare systems are pursuing and acquiring private physician practices and small group practices to become a part of their organizations. The ability to provide quality benefit packages are among the most important factors in creating these mutually rewarding associations. To address the specific needs and goals of both hospitals and hospital-employed physicians, The KeyArx Group offers the Key Affinity Hospital-Physician Coordinated Custom Benefits Program.The program provides exceptional advantages to both parties. For the hospital, they include a claims cost design that mitigates future rate increases and enhances ongoing financial control. Key Affinity also provides both malpractice and key man payments to the institution if a physician becomes disabled.

Under the plan hospital-employed physicians have the opportunity to buy up coverage at no cost to the hospital. They may also efficiently protect their retirement plan contributions and long-term disability benefits.

Advantages for Hospitals:

  • Since 1969, Medical Group Insurance Services (MGIS) has provided market-leading insurance products and services to more than 300,000 physicians and 10,000 physician practices.
  • Over the past 5 years, the “pool” has averaged a ZERO percent rate increase and over half of the practices received NO rate increase.
  • Potential Rate Stability cost design that benefits the on going cost for hospital.
  • Malpractice payment to hospital if physician becomes disabled
  • Key Man policy payment to hospital if physician becomes disabled

Advantages for Hospital-Employed Physicians:

  • Buy-Up of coverage opportunity for the physician with no cost to the hospital
  • Buy-Up Pension Protection to protect the physicians retirement plan contributions in addition to LTD benefits at no cost to hospital