Affluent Planning

We’ve partnered with a number of Tax Planning Professionals.  A group of tax attorneys, CPA’s and advisors that focus on Wealth preservation, Tax savings and Asset accumulation.  They uncover hidden money and put it to work for you.   For example, they typically reduce their client’s income taxes by 35% – 50%.  By answering a few questions in a short phone call, they can give you a close estimate of what our professionals can do for you.

  • Since 2001 our Tax Professionals have served over 7500 clients and saved business owner’s over $900 million on their taxes.
  • Our quick tax crusher process where as in a little over 15 minutes, our team can determine exactly what they can save you on your annual taxes.
  • Our partners have built a successful team of tax attorneys, CPA’s and enrolled agents who live, breath and eat the tax code every day!
  • Not only can they save you 30% to 50% on your personal taxes, they guarantee their service and the amount they will save you over a three year period.
  • All their tax strategies are backed by full audit protection included in their service agreement.