KeyArx Healthcare Benefits Trust

We have developed a problem-solving process which typically saves 20% or more on benefit spend items, improves bottom-line earnings and overall performance of medical practices.  This one of a kind program is perfect for organizations with 300 or more lives.

This ancillary benefits program is one of a kind in the industry, which has been running for 21 years.  With 7 carriers, it is one of the only multi-carrier programs available, thus fostering excellent competition upon initial rating and at renewal.   The program insures more than 800 hospitals, doctor’s groups, hospital systems, pharmaceutical companies and teaching medical collages in the US and its territories; accounting for over 1,000,000 lives.

KeyArx has been chosen as one of the exclusive broker partners in the United States to offer the trust benefit plans to its clients.  Some of the highlights are:

  • Balanced Risk – The scale spreads and balances the risk an individual group may incur over 1,000,000 lives.
  • Expense Control – With multi-year rate guarantees and fixed plan expenses spread over a significantly larger premium base, participants are better able to control expenses and have a greater ability to forecast benefit plan costs.
  • Cost Stability – The power of large numbers allows the program to enjoy a higher credibility to be placed on the prospective rating – more than an individual organization would achieve independently of the HBA Trust.