Maureen McLoud
Director of Marketing

As the firm’s Marketing Director, Maureen McLoud brings a wide array of industry experience to KeyArx. Her prior experience hast taken her to both the Non-Profit and Public sectors of marketing, sales, strategic planning and human resources. The vast majority of her career has been in the IT industry where she recruited and managed the organizations largest region and performed full sales cycle duties. She currently enjoys managing our Life, Disability and Long Term Care Review program where she oversees the portfolio reviews of our clients.She serves in many capacities within The KeyArx Group. She values and produces best practice process for our sales, marketing and internal back offices. Maureen’s main goal is to help design, develop and deliver the wide range of integrated products and services integral to our client offerings. She is always eager to be of service to our client’s, advisors and network professionals.

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree. Rosemont College, Rosemont, PA.