Tim O’Rourke

Tim O’Rourke Advisor Consultant

Tim O’Rourke has been a financial service executive with broad experience in all aspects of financial management, sales, marketing, operations, client relationships, and legal and compliance. Tim’s 30 year tenure in the investment industry working with broker-dealers, custodians, financial advisors and product manufacturers has given him a unique and balanced industry perspective. He started as a financial advisor and later as an OSJ manager. He worked for Raymond James Financial Services for almost 14 years and AIG Advisor Group for four years focusing on recruiting, sales, marketing, branding and M&A initiatives. Tim has sold insurance door to

door and was a national sales manager for an insurance company in St. Louis, MO (Charter National Life), he started and managed investment programs for BankOne in Ohio and Manufacturers-Hanover in NY. He was the president of a national professional employment organization catering to 12,000 employees and licensed in over 30 states. Tim is currently an advisor to the financial services industry, registered investment advisors, broker-dealers and executives in the industry. He has spoken at many industry forums and is often quoted on current industry issues. Tim is an ethical leader who is very excited to be on the Keyarx team.

Tim graduated from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Illinois with a Bachelors of Science degree. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA where he travels to Europe in his spare time collecting wine. He is also active in the charitable community as a board member with The Magic Wand Foundation and participates with Habitat For Humanity.